Hair Growth, Removing Blackheads, and 19 other benefits of guava leaves

We eat guavas on a daily basis, but did you know that their leaves are actually beneficial, too? Here are 19 wonderful benefits of guava leaves.

1. Help your cholesterol levels by reducing the bad ones – LDL while maintain the good ones – HDL.

2. Guava leaf tea can help reduce coughs

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3. Allergies itches? Just apply some crushed guava leaves onto the affected area.

4. Insect bites that itch? Crushed guava leaves can help, too.

5. If you are suffering with hair loss, get some guava leaves and boil them. Let the liquid cool to room temp and massage it gently on your scalp everyday. The mixture can help preventing hair loss.

6. To reduce some inches on your waist, make tea from guava leaves and drink an ample amount, for it can help prevent the carbohydrates from turning into sugar.

7. With a hurt stomach, guava leaves tea can also reduce the pain.

8. Mild cases of food poisoning can also make use of guava leaf tea, too

9. The strong antimicrobial properties is also effective in diarrhea treatment.

10. Asians have been using guava leaf tea in combination with other methods to treat cancer.

11. There have been cases in which enlarged prostate is successfully treated with guava leaf tea.

12. Men should drink a lot of guava leaf tea, because it can help with fertility problems.

13. Because guava leaves have a lot of vitamin C, so it can help in treating facial trouble spots, pimples and acne.

14. In case of emergency where there’s no other options, you can apply crushed guava leaves on minor wounds, scrapes or abrasion to prevent infections.


15. Outer ear infection can be treated temporarily with crushed guava leaves. Just boil the crushed leaves in some water, then apply the cooled mixture on the infected areas.


16. Dengue can be treated by boiling 9 guava leaves in 5 cups of water. Wait until the amount of water is reduced in half.

17. If you have toothache, inflamed gums or oral cavities sores, then chewing some guava leaves can help.

18. One of the greatest thing guava leaves can do is reducing blood sugar level, while does not stimulate the level of insulin.  Rejoice, diabetics patients!

19. Make a natural face scrubs that can remove blackheads by crushing some guava leaves and stirring them in a few drops of water.

20. In skincare, guava leaves are also beneficial in preventing skin aging. The recipe is the same as above.

21. And did you know that you can eat them to get your share of vitamin C and potassium intake?

21 and more of benefits from guava leaves, what is stopping you from getting a bunch of them?




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