How to choose the best Electric toothbrush for plaque removal

Why should we remove plaque from our teeth?

Plaque is the sticky soft white film that you often see building up tongue, the teeth, gaps or the tongue. Upon forming, plaque produces acid that can break down the enamel, leading to the cavity.

Over time, multiple layers of plaque will combine with the minerals in the saliva form tartar. It is more hardened and chalky. Tartar buildup can lead to gum diseases.

People have plaque build up in the mouth can be due to several reasons:

–    Improper oral hygiene

–    Teeth brushing with bad technique

–    Foods that encourage plaque buildup

–    Heredity

–    Not seeing the dentist frequently enough.

With that said, remove plaque when they appear is the best way to prevent plaque buildup. With so many types of electric toothbrushes on the market, deciding to settle for one could be confusing. We have some recommendations on what to look for in the best electric toothbrush to remove plaque

  1. Soft bristles

Dental professionals agree that an electric toothbrush with soft bristles does the best job at removing plaque and debris from the teeth.

  1. Round Small Heads

While smaller electric toothbrush heads assist you with reaching the often neglected further places, a round one is better for removing plaque on the surface of the teeth.

  1. Sonic technology

Sonic simply means high vibrational speed. An electric toothbrush at full-power mode can stroke up to 31,000 times per minute. However, the ones with 2,500 to 7,500 brushes per minutes are more common on the market.

Electric toothbrush with sonic technology clean teeth through two separate mechanisms:

–    Mechanical scrubbing: this is the same method of conventional brushes. The bristles of the electric toothbrush will scour the surface of the teeth to remove plaque. The higher the frequency, the more plaque will be removed.

–    Fluid dynamics: This is what make sonic toothbrushes distinct from the rest. Fluid dynamics work when the ultra high vibrational speed of the bristles agitate the fluids around the teeth (water or saliva). The force is high enough to disrupt plaque buildups in the places beyond where the actual bristles can touch.

  1. Polish or Clean mode

In its clean mode, an electric toothbrush would increase the intensity levels. The clean/polish mode should not be too rough as to not bruise the gum or wear away the enamel of the teeth.  You can use this mode on an electric toothbrush twice daily.

  1. 2-minute timer

2 minutes is the recommended length for a brushing session. In this period, you will most likely be able to reach every corners and gap of your teeth, back or front. An electric toothbrush with a timer would guarantee you achieve the best results in removing plaque.

There are also ones with 30 seconds notification. This helps you move the electric toothbrush to another area of the mouth after an assigned period.




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