How to choose the best electric toothbrush for sensitivea teeth

A few years ago when you ask your dentist for an electric toothbrush for sensitive teeth, he might just brush you up and shove a manual toothbrush up your mouth. However, modern technology has allowed companies to manufacture more models that are more suitable for those suffering from sensitive teeth.


Some may argue that an electric toothbrush for sensitive teeth is just a make-do solution. However, the fact has shown that frequent strong brushing can wear away your teeth while soft bristles with all around reach have proven to be effective in removing plaque.

How would electric toothbrush help with your sensitive teeth?

Tooth sensitivity happens because the softer part of your tooth – the dentine- is exposed, along with the nerves and fluids in it. As you put hot, cold, or sweet food & drinks in your mouth, the fluid will move and cause the nerves ending to respond. And then comes the sharp pain.

An electric toothbrush designed for tooth sensitivity will make sure every tooth is coated with toothpaste and thoroughly brushed, with the right force and speed. It would also lessen the fluid movement.

Recommended features

Here are some features you should find in an electric toothbrush if your teeth are sensitive.

  1. Sensitive mode

Many people avoid electric toothbrush because with their tooth sensitivity, they feel:

–    Uncomfortable in the teeth and gum

–    Overwhelm

–    Tickling

There are electric toothbrushes with many modes in one model available. Opt for toothbrushes that offer a sensitive mode, which means the mode when the power is reduced. With an electric toothbrush, it is easier to control the overall force put on our teeth, and an electric toothbrush with the sensitive mode reduces the force and intensity to the least while effectiveness is still ensured.

  1. Soft brush head

Avoid electric toothbrush with nylon bristles, for those, will be very hard for your teeth and gum, which would make the fluid movement in the dentine worse.

  1. Speed & pressure option

The best electric toothbrush for sensitive teeth offers about 40,000 pulsations per minute. If the electric toothbrush works with oscillations, find ones that go about 8,800 circulations per minute. This is the lower rate that will not be too harsh on your teeth and gum.

  1. More helpful options

Besides the compulsory options for an electric toothbrush for sensitive teeth mentioned above, ones with the following features would further help you with oral health:

–    A 2-minute timer

–    An anti-bacterial head brush

–    Rechargeable feature to save battery cost

Electric toothbrush for sensitive teeth in the more pricey range are often better than their cheaper counterparts. They can range from $50 to $300. However, the cents worth the quality. Remember to choose a soothing toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth to complete your regime.





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